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Tax and Accounting

We perform attestation services, such as financial statement reviews or audits through Accell PA. Private companies often need these services to satisfy banking requirements, private investors, State or Federal statutes or due diligence requirements when selling the business. We have the experience and capabilities to perform these services in a variety of industries and specialties. In addition, our firm is well equipped to meet and exceed tax compliance needs for individuals and small to mid-size companies.  This includes, but is not limited to, the completion and filings of Federal and State income, payroll , sales and use  and tangible personal property tax returns. 

In Summary
  • Write up and compilations

  • ​Federal & state income tax preparation

  • ​Payroll & sales and use tax preparation

  • ​Sales and use tax certified tax audits

  • ​Audit defense and preparation

  • ​Sales tax and income tax consulting

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