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Why Choose Accell GRS?

Accell was founded in 2004 with the mission of providing high quality accounting and technology audit services at competitive rates. We bring decades of deep knowledge and expertise across our service offerings. Our professionals are comprised of experienced individuals formerly from Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG, and Protiviti. This well-rounded nucleus of professional enables us to deliver services comprised of the best practices from each of these firms.


Accell is a PCAOB Registered and licensed public accounting and consulting firm that provides services in several niche areas of audit, risk management, compliance, and business consulting.


Our services are tailored to the needs of each Client through independent audit, outsourcing, consulting, and staffing arrangements. Whether we assist as your independent auditor, advisor, internal auditor, or assist to augment your management team, we provide a range of specialty risk management, compliance and consulting services to assist in meeting strategic and compliance business objectives.

Our professionals have a blend of accounting, technology, audit and management consulting experience specific to one or more of our disciplines. Each team is assembled based on a targeted mix of skills and experience tailored to meet the needs of the Client and project. Each professional has been exposed to a breadth of environments enabling the application of real-world experience and out of the box thinking on each project. 

Accell has provided services to several hundred Clients, from high-tech start-up companies to the Fortune 500. Our current Client portfolio includes numerous public and private companies across many industries, with operations on at least five continents. While we are headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the majority of our Global Risk Solutions team is based in Silicon Valley, California. 

Always There For You

We pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to your needs. Our professionals will quickly answer your questions regardless of whether or not we are onsite.

Battle-Tested SOX Approach

We have tens of thousands of hours of SOX experience dating back to the implementation of the Act. Our templates, methodologies, and overall approach have been developed over the years and are constantly fine-tuned based on the current "hot buttons" in the SOX community.


Senior-Level Involvement

Our directors and Senior Managers spend most of their time in the field with our teams. This allows us to understand your company more thoroughly and provide you much greater value per your SOX compliance dollar spent.

Controls-Focused Professionals

Our professionals spend all year every year evaluating controls. It is who we are and what we do!

Your Advocate

We will work closely with our External Audit counterparts on your behalf helping to head off small questions before they turn into big problems. Because we are exposed to the latest SOX guidance, we are able to help you navigate between those things that HAVE to happen vs. those that are "nice-to-haves". 

A Passion For Perfection

Everyone at Accell GRS has one primary goal in mind: to deliver the highest quality possible on every project for every client. We always go the extra mile to ensure we are not only meeting required project objectives, but adding value as well.

No Surprises

We are very good at estimating our projects and managing the unforeseen problems that plague most efforts. Simply put, we seldom ever go over any budget. Additionally, we quickly communicate potential issues and roadblocks as they are identified rather than waiting until the end of fieldwork. 

No "Freshman" Rule

Unlike many firms, we only hire experienced professionals. This means our teams can hit the ground running and your organization does not have to waste time teaching "newbies". 

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